For modeling inquires, please contact TCM Models (Seattle/worldwide)

photography clients, among others, include:

PBW Architects /Johnston Architects / Thirlwall Building Design / Main Street Property Group

Ghost House Creative / InCity Properties / KRISTJANSON

Wilhelmina New York / FRONT Management / TCM Models

shoots + services:

architecture / portraits / fine art / web design / marketing / photo retouching / draft editing / trip planning / personal styling 

FINE ART photography & installations

windows / framed prints / canvas prints / woodblocks

stock photography / wall decals 

"Adam was a pleasure to work with. I hired him on several projects to provide fine art on a large scale. He furnished multiple multi-family properties with customized artwork on time and on budget. The residents love his work!" -Mitch Kristjanson, Kristjanson Interior Design

"Adam's work at The Local 422 was phenomenal and provided a fresh take on interior design. Our tenants always give us compliments on the building's artwork--an aspect we're sure is a great selling point for interested renters."-Ann Surbridge, InCity Properties


single family / multi-family / landscape

places of worship / community spaces / office space / retail space

"Architecture presents a unique photographic challenge. Adam has risen to this task with great images of our work and continues to be a wonderful asset to our efforts." -Ray Johnston, Johnston Architects




PORTRIATURE photography

model tests / senior portraits / lookbooks / couples portraits

family portraits / pet photos / corporate headshots

"Adam gave excellent instruction when it came to my movement on camera. He was very patient with me and we didn't stop shooting until we both felt like we got the right shot we both loved." -Jude Lizama, actor/model




website design / brand development / logo design

collateral production / business photography

"Working with Adam Waldo was a pleasure. He understands the clients needs and executes the vision effectively and efficiently. I got what I wanted and I got it quick."-Mark Lehmkuhl, GHOST HOUSE CREATIVE





architecture / portraits / fashion

landscape / vacation



"I would highly recommend Adam Waldo's editorial abilities. As a high school English teacher myself, I'm fairly competent when it comes to writing' however, when I want to be sure something I've written is polished and up to its fullest potential, he is the only person I trust to give me quality feedback and catch any mistakes I've overlooked. I ask for his feedback in both fiction and non-fiction; I seek his opinion in both questions of plot and structure, as well as grammatical issues. I trust his judgement and skill when it comes to written material that matters most to me." -Benjamin Hewitt, author/teacher

"Adam's command of the English language and proofreading has been critical in synthesizing my proposals for grant applications." -Nick Maurice, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center



travel is a sacrament; experiencing another place and culture always leaves the traveler changed in some way. how we go out into the world must be intentional and approached with a sense of openness. when amw plans a trip, he creates an immersive experience to create a life-enriching memory. 



who you are cannot be improved simply throwing money into the latest fashions and trends in an attempt to hide behind them. true style is an art form, and like all art forms is an expression of your very self. to understand how that is interpreted by others is not just a matter of what clothes you wear, but how you wear them, how you feel when you wear them, and what they say about who you are. my goal is not to turn you into something that you're not, but rather help you bring out the best aspects of who you are already. the process usually takes 2-4 week all together.