ultimately, the method by which I endeavor to serve my audience is to produce experiences that brings them to different places around the world. the ideal way I do this is to share fine art prints with you through shows and prints and this, my website experience where I share my story. if you would like to support me, I would ask that you first consider hosting a show, purchasing a print, or commissioning me to shoot your project. however, here are a few ways that you can help me bring more experiences to more people:

do you have photography equipment that you no longer use? I would love to find a use for it to bring images to life. let me know what you would like to donate:

is there somewhere you would like to travel with me to photograph? is there somewhere you would like to send me to capture? lets plan an adventure:

I have listed several items of equipment that would help me spread my message on that I have selected. if you feel this is a way you would like to contribute, go to MY WISHLIST and fill out the form below so I know who to thank:

do you have a space you would like to share to host an adam michael waldo photography show? you provide the space, friends, and refreshments; I'll provide the photography. together we'll create a memorable event. 

I would greatly appreciate any financial support and would take it as a responsibility to grow my art and continue to bring people through space and time and show them the world. your donation will go towards traveling, building my equipment inventory, and creating prints and stories to share at shows. thank you very much for looking through my portfolio and sharing this experience.